Hey everybody!!

I'm a sound designer currently living in UK, On October 21st 2014 I graduated from the intense one year program in Sound Design for Visual Media at  the Vancouver Film School, I then worked on Star Citizen for 3 years before moving to London where I’m currently employed in splash Damage while working on an unannounced title. I have a lifetime of loving sound especially on videogames.

I have worked as a sound designer and music composer for different games including “Star Citizen” and “Dirty Bomb”, I also worked in different short movies as a sound re-recording mixer, boom operator, dialogue editor and sound designer. I love programming with max msp and created a countless number of patches and stand alone software.

I also have a deep passion for music and have composed different tracks for Dirty Bomb and Star Citizen

I dedicated all my time on working, studying and achieving  as much knowledge in sound as I could and gained experience on:

- Recording and editing audio (Production sound, Dialogue, ADR, Foley, field recording, sound effects) 

- Designing sound ( sound synthesis and manipulation of real recording in order to create surreal sound effects).

- Game audio implementation (Wwise, FMOD)

- Digital Audio Workstations (Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Logic)

- Game Engines (“Cry Engine”, “Lumberyard” and “Unreal Engine”)

- Mixing Consoles (AVID ICON Board, Control 24 and various digital mixing consoles)

- Stereo, 5.1 Surround and Multichannel Mixing.

- Programming (MAX/MSP)

Sound is my way of life.