Thanks for checking this site, my name is Matteo, I'm a sound designer currently working on Splash Damage in London, I previously worked on Star Citizen at Foundry 42 in Manchester.

I have a lifetime of loving sound especially in movies and videogames, worked in different projects as sound designer, re-recording mixer, music composer, boom operator, dialogue editor, foley artist etc... I love programming with max msp and on the free time i like to create patches and stand alone softwares. This site is a showcase of some of my works.

This is my final work at the Vancouver Film School, I had to choose a trailer, short or any visual story and redesign the sound from scratch including foley, dialogue etc... the final step was to do a mix in 5.1 and play it in a theater. This is the stereo version.

A small showcase of some of the work I've done for Star Citizen

Personal music composition "Atomos" was featured in "Around the Verse" - 16 March 2017

A short demo reel of my sound design works, mostly done at the "Vancouver Film School"

The Becoming is the work of 11 sound designers, is the sound implementation of an hypothetical videogame. The game is meant to be a survival horror were you play as a 13 years old kid that wakes up in the middle of the forest without remembering anything from the past. The sound designers who collaborate to this project are: Matteo Cerquone, Daejin Kim, Matias Manzano ,Tim Mambrino, Gemma Maddaloni, Shaswato Mukherjee, Christo Saba, Ricardo Lameiras Garcia, Eric Grapentine, Thomas Stahel, Brandon Lowe