Sound chopper 2 is a stand alone application built in Max/MSP. Is the completion of months of hard work and passion. It is a tool designed mostly for sound designers and musician, it allows to use pre recorded sounds (and real time sound through a microphone) and manipulate it with his numerous effects.

Sound Chopper 2 features a granulator, stretcher, pitch shifter, slicer and tremolo, panner, bit crusher, 8 different delays (mono and stereo) and 8 filters. Those parameters can also be automated over time so you won't need to touch 20 knobs all at once.

All the parameters are midi compatible, also you can use your webcam as an xy pad, just grab a blue object and the software will track the position, also if you own a motion leap controller you can map the values to the position of your hand*. Inside the software you'll find a pdf (under "Option" - "Let's get started") that explains it in more details.

Available for Mac and Windows

*The motion leap feature is only available for mac users 

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