The Becoming is the work of 11 sound designers, is the sound implementation of an hypothetical videogame. The game is meant to be a survival horror were you play as a 13 years old kid that wakes up in the middle of the forest without remembering anything from the past. My duty was to create all the sound for the first encounter (The Infected), as well as some music and foley and most important I was in charge for implementing those sounds in wwise.

Other sound designers who collaborate to this project are: - Daejin Kim - Matias Manzano - Tim Mambrino - Gemma Maddaloni - Shaswato Mukherjee - Christo Saba - Ricardo Lameiras Garcia - Eric Grapentine - Thomas Stahel - Brandon Lowe


ARC is a first person survival Horror set in an overgrown, derelict spaceship. I was in charge for creating the sound for the creatures, I was also in charge for some environmental sounds and dialogues.

Other sound designers who collaborate to this project are: Matias Manzano and Daniel Ram



Lucidity is a third person 3D twitch puzzle platform for PC where you play inside the mind of Gracie a coma patient.


Matteo Cerquone - Sound Design and music

Christo Saba - Sound Design and music

Shaswato Mukherjee - Sound Design

Voice Performers: Bobby Henwood - Aleah Martin


A Tactical Pseudo -Turn-Based RPG, in a dystopian futuristic city.


Matteo Cerquone - Sound Design

Christo Saba - Sound Design

Thomas Stahel - Sound Design

Eric Grapentine - Sound Design

Cloud Edward - Music

Voice Actors: Chris Karington - Casey Strandquist - Talisa Cavers