This is my final work at the Vancouver Film School, I had to choose a trailer, short or any visual story and redesign the sound from scratch including foley, dialogue etc... the final step was to do a mix in 5.1 and play it in a theater. This is the stereo version.

SIMBIOSI is a short Film directed by Glauco Citati, my work was to sound design the all piece including foley.

NEED FOR SPEED SHIFT 2 The challenge for this beautiful trailer was to create all the sound design in 24 hours using only the files provided from our teacher, I had to use different techniques in order to achieve different sounds using the same samples, the music was made by granulating the sound of a windshield smashing in to the ground.

WORLD OF WARCRAFT Music Editing is probably the most entertaining part of my job, the all trailer is using around 7 music pieces each one different in terms of tempo and scales. In order to melt all of them together and make them sound like it's just one piece I decided to apply some granulation techniques. Featuring "5 alarm music"

TERMINIX Creature voice In this commercial I focused on the sound from the creature. In order to have a credible monster voice I had to use recordings of different real animals. 


EXODUS All sounds for the spaceship are being processed using my patches from max/msp. The challenge was to have a heavy sound for the spaceship and the impact.


SPECIAL SOUND EFFECTS Just a bunch of glitchy sounds sync to the picture.